Washing Machine Banging And Making Noises? What You Can Do

Posted on: 22 May 2020

Your washing machine may not sound silent, but it shouldn't be clanging around or banging when it's running. If your machine is doing these things, there may be a problem. If your machine is banging, there may be something loose, and if you let it go, it could worsen and cause your machine to break even more. If your machine is making noise, you need to investigate the noise. Read on for tips to help you repair your washing machine. [Read More]

Clothing Not Coming Out Clean? Tips To Repair Your Washing Machine

Posted on: 14 January 2020

Your washing machine is supposed to be getting your clothing cleaned and sanitized. If it isn't cleaning your clothing properly, then you're walking around wearing dirty clothing. The washing machine uses soap and water to clean your clothes, so if it isn't cleaning properly then you may have an issue either with the water coming in or the soap dispenser that is supposed to be dispensing the soap to your machine/clothing. [Read More]

Dryer Troubleshooting

Posted on: 29 May 2019

When the dryer is not working, it can be quite a problem to work out what is wrong with it. Fixing it may not be such an issue, but first things first, the diagnosis must be completed. There are a few parts that can fail, including the heating element, the motor, and other smaller parts. There are two main reasons why problems arise: wear and tear and blockages to the lint traps or vents. [Read More]

5 Tips When Switching To Propane As Your Fuel Source

Posted on: 29 May 2019

A typical household in the US has many energy needs including lighting, powering of typical household appliances and heating. Although the higher energy costs can be sustained for lighting and powering of certain appliances, heating and cooling make the higher cost energy much harder to stomach. This is why many people are now switching to propane or LPG as a key energy source in their houses. However, this switch is not as simple as flicking a switch. [Read More]